Susann Stötzner
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    and chocolate lover
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    collector of enchanting moments
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    sea turtle saver
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    camping and hiking enthusiast

About my work.

I’m a freelance Motion Designer with focus on creative 2D-animations.

I love to create fantastic worlds. I believe in the power of visual storytelling and that it can change perspectives and help brands achieve their goals. My animations help to translate complex topics into something simple.

My curiosity about little things in everyday life and my love to creativity keep supplying me with new ideas. My designs and animations often surprise and invite to discover loving details.

I treat every job with great passion even if the way I approach each project is always unique to the needs of the specific request.

Currently I am based in Friedrichshafen.

About life.

I was born in 1989 and grew up in the little village of Ziegelheim, spending time daydreaming, drawing, dancing in a carnival club or with my twin brother playing outside.

I moved on to Dessau, replaced my crayons with software and made a bachelor in Integrated Design at Anhalt University of Applied Science. 

An internship brought me to Berlin and made me stay for 9 years. Since July 2012 I work as a freelance motiondesigner.

My heart is beating for this beautiful world and its nature. Traveling brought me to wonderful places like Australia, New Zealand, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, China, USA, Cuba, Bali, Albania, Bosnia and many other places in Europe. It was a great experience to be a volunteer to protect the sea turtles in Costa Rica. Since 2021 we are also exploring the world with our blue van ‘Vitoli’.

2018 love brought me to Friedrichshafen close to the Alps and Lake Constance.

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