Susann Stötzner

CC Summer Campaign

The project’s challenge was to create an in-brand campaign to freshen up the CC channels across all regions for summer – the season of fun.

Pixel Jungle and me developed the idea of combining funny scenes with retro computer games. I illustrated several characters and created summery settings for them to act in. A punk floating on a swim ring in a pool. A blond lady in a pink jumper hunting mosquitos. A guy in a Hawaiian shirt having as much drinks as he can at a bar. A muscular lifeguard protecting his beach from intruders. A diver taking pictures of colorful fish.

The design was not only used for the 5 logo stings but also for break bumpers and the whole CC social media presence. It was broadcasted across Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Benelux, Middle East and South Africa.

Produced in 2020

Comedy Central
Pixel Jungle
Illustration & Design, Animation in collaboration with Fabian Knoop

Logosting – Bar Race

Logosting – Drowning Game

Logosting – Mosquito Invaders

Logosting – Beach Defender

Logosting – Diver’s Run

Comedy Central Summer 2020 – Breakbumper

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