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Expo Dubai 2021 - Kazakhstan Pavilon

At the EXPO 2021 in Dubai, Kazakhstan presents itself as a traditional country with modern ideas. Innovative, immersive and interactive, visitors immerse themselves in the past, present and future of the Central Asian state with all their senses.

The Nomad Starry Sky – I illustrated and animated a film about the nomad starry sky and star navigation.

The Carpet Kaleidoscope – I used traditional carpet patterns and transformed them into an kaleidoscopic presentation.

Sacred Map – I animated colorful illustrations to explain important cultural and historical topics of Kazakhstan.

The Aesthetics Of Female National Finery – The film is about female national finery. I highlighted the aesthetics by motion design.

The Shanyrak – I animated a film introducing the shanyrak form which highlights its practical use as a sundial. It has sacral meaning – a spiritual connection between humans and space.


Expo Kazakhstan Pavilon
pxb Studios
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
My Services:
Illustration, Design, Animation
Additional Credits:
Elia Hüneburg - Shanyrak 3D
Sacred Map Illustrations - Art Aika

The Nomad Starry Sky

The Carpet Kaleidoscope

Sacred Map

The Aesthetics Of Female National Finery

The Shanyrak

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