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My bachelor thesis deals with the topic of children’s television and how to impart knowledge in a TV show.

After 2 weeks research, I developed a concept for a TV series and animated a promo trailer. Packed in an adventurous story our heroes take the audience on a funny journey of discovery. They learn some interesting facts about places of the world. The peculiarity lies in the combination of real image and animated figures.

The story: Two friends live far away from planet Earth. Taking off with an unusual flying object they travel and fly through the universe. But not everything goes according to plan. The flight ends with a crash landing on Earth. In each episode they discover in a new location, show interesting things, look everywhere – until they find out, where they have landed. The series is intended to encourage guessing where exactly they are…


Bachelor thesis 2012
Anhalt University of Applied Science
Dessau Department of Design
Concept, Script, Design, Illustration, Animation, Camera, Compositing
Prof. Rochus Hartmann (HS Anhalt)
Mesut Can (dyrdee Media)
Marianne Graffam


I did an intense two-week research with the topics children’s television, childish perception and TV shows that transport knowledge.

Television is the most popular media. TV accompanies the entire childhood. Reasons are action, excitement, for entertainment, boredom, to suppress everyday problems, but also out of curiosity, to expand knowledge and receive suggestions for becoming an adult.

Television offers both – excitement and fun with cool heroes as well as informative knowledge formats for children.

'The plausible impossible'

Walt Disney

Fictional stories are the most popular among children.

A captivating action, extraordinary, memorable characters in a fantastic world – this one concept has fascinated children for decades. Magical heroes like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Pixar’s Up and many others children film and television productions take us on a journey of discovery far from reality.

These dreamlike characters and worlds must be unreal yet credible. Walt Disney spoke of “the plausible impossible”.

Kids should discover the world and the importance of moral and learn values like friendship and helpfulness.

Humor is important. Laughing relaxes. Therefore visual gags are a basic element.

In my TV Show a few, exciting facts are taught in a child-friendly way.

The knowledge is packed into an adventurous story. The heroes take the audience on a fun discovery tour.


“Simple is good.” – Jim Henson

I started the design phase with simple, contrasting and still harmonious shapes. I drew intuitively in a childishly abstract way. Adding lovely details to that particular monster should make them unique.


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