Susann Stötzner

Brandenburg Gate Museum

The Brandenburg Gate Museum makes 300 years of Berlin’s history into an emotional experience. Its centerpiece is an immersive spatial installation linking original historical images to impressive animations with the help of the latest technology.

The museum’s 38-channel surround sound, 87 high-tech screens, and 180 million pixels let visitors from across the globe witness the German Revolution, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the World Cup victory in 2014 up close. An exhibition adds to the multimedia journey through time and documents the dramatic changes around the Brandenburg Gate.

In a big team of historians, conceptors, project managers and designers we created a 20-minute film to present 300 years of Berlin’s  history. The challenge: to create cinematic collages and animations based on very different materials – mostly raw or because of its age in poor quality, a mixture of photos, videos, old postcards…

Together we found a stunning way to not only but 300 years in 20 minutes but combines authentic images with contemporary animation techniques.

It was a pleasure for me to create a design for the roaring 20s as well as other parts of the film.


TRIAD Berlin’s own initiative
Max Baberg, Marta Bala,
Marvin Bohm, Philipp Bremer,
Daniel Büttner, Philipp Hahn,
Felix Knoche, Nils Kreter,
André Roboredo, Shuhei Sako,
Susann Stötzner, Mingjun Sui,
Ronny Traufeller, Christian Weißmann (Technical Support)
Alexander Bartnek, Max Baberg
Julia Novak
Research / Production Management:
Ben Thöming, Lena Zieseniss, Nastasia Hase

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